BOB Ironman Stroller Review

BOB Ironman StrollerBOB Ironman Stroller is the flagship of the BOB Stroller family. Its design concept combines bike, with baby stroller, into hard-core baby jogging gear, with outstanding safety and comfort. The BOB Ironman is the stroller of choice for the Ironman Triathlon. In fact, this baby jogger even satisfies all the stringent requirements demanded by the official Ironman Triathlon, including its strong, lightweight frame and components, tough welded frame, durable fabric and quality construction. The Ironman stroller also has a brand new suspension system that delivers an exceptionally stable journey, for a much happier baby.

Champion Stroller of the Ironman Triathlon

The BOB Ironman Stroller is the official Ironman Triathlon baby stroller. Since the success of BOB Sport Utility Stroller, BOB Strollers were contacted by the official Ironman Triathlon to be the partnership of the manufacturer of this flagship baby jogger. It is a professional runners’ upgrade version of the Sport Utility Stroller. From the wheels, to the tires, to the frame, to the parts and components – all the materials have been improved to provide a lighter weight, better shock-absorption, greater durability and safety. These baby joggers are built for runners who are up for intense trainings.


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User Feedback

Reviewing the testimonials online, one complaint found was that the user wished to have the swivelling front wheel for an easier turn around. However because this baby jogger is designed for serious runners, the rigidly locked front wheel is designed to increase stability at fast speed and when the terrain is rough. Unfortunately, that user didn’t read our other article before purchasing her BOB Stroller, and choose one that didn’t fit her needs.

“The BOB Ironman is awesome! My husband and I are both runners and we both LOVE it. Our son is 6 months old and he seems to enjoy riding along as well. If you want to try to get back into shape and take your baby along, the BOB is the best. I have met other runners with BOB strollers and everyone agrees that they are the best strollers. Even if you aren’t a runner, its the smoothest stroller around!”

2011.07.04 Crizlynn – Awesome for runners! – Amazon


Generally, most users report being extremely happy with this product as it gives parents freedom, choice and safety, at the same time, with the ability to run and exercise while caring for their kids. They also love the easily adjustable handlebar which can be adjusted to different heights to suit the runner. Many reported this feature as a great benefit for moms and dads who needed different level handle bars.

The BOB Ironman Stroller is now available in Duallie, carrying up to 45kg in weight and can be seated for infants or kids.


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