BOB Sport Utility Stroller Review

BOB Sport Utility StrollerYour child will be both comfy and safe off-road with you and your BOB Sport Utility Stroller. Wheel improvements provide greater stability for adventures on uneven trails, with the new cutting edge suspension system. Extra adjustment knobs will keep you rolling straight with just one easy twist. This stroller is fitted with a hand brake providing you additional stopping assistance when strolling on steep declines.

The Baby Jogger Stroller for Serious Runners

BOB Sport Utility Stroller is the first generation baby jogger stroller on the market. It combines the concept of stroller and bike to allow parents an active outdoor experience with their baby or toddler. Large 16-inch fixed wheels deliver a stable and safe ride even on tight corners. The semi-slick tires give extra traction on the sidewalk. This jogging stroller is made for active Moms who enjoy outdoor activities. With the BOB Sport Utility Stroller you can comfortably bring your children on hikes or to the beach with ease.


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User Feedback

Of all Amazon verified purchasers, 92% have praised the BOB Sport Utility Stroller a 5 out of 5 star review. The one unhappy case was from a user wanted to have a swivelling front wheel for an easier turn on slow walks. However this really is just a lesson learned that we need to choose the right stroller that fits our needs, rather than a genuinely valid negative review. Aside from that, customers report being very happy with the performance of this baby jogger stroller. Several repeat customers praised the current version of BOB Sport Utility Stroller in comparison with the older 2007 version, because of the improved sturdier light-weight aluminium frame, components, and durable fabric.

“Popular in my old neighborhood, I bought the pricey stroller. Love it. You can break it down and flip it up in a few seconds with minimal effort. Tray below for necessary items and another compartment in the back of the stroller (I use for my water bottle). My son can stay secure and almost completely covered from the sun and I can see him from the see-through flap. I recommend it.

I now live in Dubai and get stared at (haven’t see this stroller here) if we use it at the malls. I had a flat tire and was able to get it fixed at a bicycle shop, no problem.”

2011-10-28 Ruby L Powers (Houston, TX) – Love this stroller – Amazon

“My son loves this stroller, falls asleep in it often. It’s great for the beach, I’m so glad I decided on this one!”

2011-05-03 Sandy – Best beach stroller!! – Amazon


This stroller is designed as a hard core jogger stroller for serious runners. It will deliver an exceptionally smooth, stable and comfortable ride for your baby. It’s worth noting that because the large tires on this professional baby jogger are so important to the comfort of your baby, users of the BOB Sport Utility Stroller are recommended to inspect their strollers before use. Flat tires are not covered in the warranty. However you can easily take your stroller to any local bike shop, or gas station, to repair a flat tire. However, designated BOB Stroller dealers provide periodic inspection and service that you are also welcome to use.


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