Which BOB Stroller Baby Jogger Best Fits You?

BOB Strollers

Perhaps the most famous jogging strollers on the market today. These baby joggers are safe, user friendly, and their sturdy design can turn your baby into your personal jogging partner, even before they start to crawl, walk or climb. When you choose the right stroller, you’ll enjoy more time with your baby on family outings to the city, the beach, or even the jogging track. So let’s find out which BOB Stroller best fits your needs.


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BOB Ironman Strollers: Runner’s Choice

The Ironman stroller is built to run with you, as far and as fast as you can go.

BOB Ironman Stroller
BOB Ironman is the flagship of the BOB Stroller family. Its design concept combines bike, with baby stroller, into hard-core baby jogging gear, with outstanding safety and comfort. The BOB Ironman is the stroller of choice for the Ironman Triathlon. In fact, this baby jogger even satisfies all the stringent requirements demanded by the official Ironman Triathlon, including its strong, lightweight frame and components, tough welded frame, durable fabric and quality construction. The Ironman stroller also has a brand new suspension system that delivers an exceptionally stable journey, for a much happier baby.

BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller: Fitness Mom’s Choice

Bring your baby into your cross-training workout with a Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller.

BOB Stroller Strides
Burn off that extra baby fat with your baby’s help. The BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller is designed for parents who enjoy working out with the kids. It comes with the new Stroller Strides Fitness Kit including a handlebar console, exercise workbook and even exercise tubing. This baby jogger is not as light as Ironman but it is a bit more flexible, and the swivelling front wheel can be locked during exercise and while jogging with your baby, or unlocked for a smooth turn when walking your baby in the city.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller: Jogger Mom’s Choice

Going off road? Great! This rugged lightweight Sport Utility Stroller is built to take on even the harshest terrain.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller
Your child will be both comfy and safe off road with you and your BOB Sport Utility Stroller. Wheel improvements provide greater stability for adventures on uneven trails, with the new cutting edge suspension system. Extra adjustment knobs will keep you rolling straight with just one easy twist. This stroller is fitted with a hand brake providing you additional stopping assistance when strolling on steep declines.

BOB Revolution SE: Outdoor Mom’s Choice

Your everyday stroller for your not-so-every-day activities and adventures.

BOB Revolution SE (Sport Edition)
BOB Revolution SE (Sport Edition) is a classic sports baby jogger. This stroller is the all-rounder of the BOB Stroller family. It combines many of all the BOB Strollers’ characters, such as a 2-step easy-fold frame, outstanding suspension system, handy accessory adapter for attachments, comfortable reclining seat for your baby, safety padded 5-point harness, multiple canopy position, durable and lightweight wheels, plenty of storage for both baby and parent, effortless tracking adjustment, and a sturdy reliable parking brake. The large 16” back wheels and swivelling front wheel are designed for driver and passenger comfort, delivering a safe and stable hassle-free journey, be it short or long. This stroller is ideal for everyday use and just getting around the city, as well as off-road strolling, jogging and for use during your fitness programs.

BOB Revolution CE: City Mom’s Choice

Turns on a dime in tight corners and crowded sidewalks.

BOB Revolution CE (City Edition)
The BOB Revolution CE (City Edition) is the newest model of BOB stroller family. It makes a snap of everyday activities and those occasional adventures too. An improved material for the wheels handles tough terrain with easier manoeuvrability. Also sporting bigger storage from the basket underneath, a slimmer handle bar and greater adjustability of the hood. Its strong plastic composite makes cleaning a breeze. An additional selling point of this stroller is the super-lightweight alloy wheels, with pneumatic tires and tubes that are durable and compact.


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Is the BOB Revolution Right for You?

When you have a baby, there is a lot of gear you need to make your life easier. One of the most important purchases you will make when you have a baby, is a baby jogger stroller. It is important that you purchase a stroller that is easy for you to use, and is something that your child can use until they are older so you don’t have to buy a second one. High quality is a must, because you want your child to be safe. If you have done some shopping around already, you may have come across the BOB Revolution style strollers. What makes them worth purchasing? Are they right for you?

Choose a Style

The BOB Revolution comes in two basic styles. There is the BOB Revolution SE (Sports Edition), and the BOB Revolution CE (City Edition). The one that is right for you is going to depend on where you will be using your stroller. If you intend on using your stroller just on city sidewalks and within the city, then the Revolution CE model is perfect for you. However, if you intend to use your stroller as more of a multi-terrain transporting tool, then you will want to go with the larger-wheeled Revolution SE model because it is capable of being used over rough terrain quite easily.

Are They Worth the Cost?

Having a baby is expensive and you don’t want the costs to be higher than they need to be. So, is the BOB worth the cost in purchasing it? To find out, I checked out a lot of online reviews with regard to this stroller to see what other buyers thought about it. The last thing you want to do is pay a lot of money for something that isn’t great quality. Here is a typical sample of the reviews I found.

“The maneuverability is amazing – it turns on a dime, easily pushes with one hand & glides smoothly across smooth pavement and gravel roads alike. The canopy is great for sunny days – you can open it fully practically covering the child completely or you can open it halfway or fully.”
-Claire Smith from Amazon.com

When checking out reviews of the BOB Revolution, it’s clear to see that they are a high quality stroller that is built to last. They are easy to push around any on terrain and it is certain that your child will love going for a ride in it.

Buying a BOB

If you are interested in buying your own BOB Revolution baby jogger stroller, then it is easy to do for the best value by simply going to the Amazon website and ordering online.


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